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          Post Secondary Edution
          The?Irving K. Barber BC Scholarship Society has opened applitions for the 2021/22 Indigenous Awards Program. There are over 700 awards available, totaling approximately $2 million, to assist Indigenous students pursuing a post-secondary edution. Three types of awards are available:   Student Award: $1000-$2500 (multi-year) for students pursuing trades training, apprenticeships, diplomas, certifites or undergraduate degrees. [...]
          FNHA Covid-19 Resources FNHA Covid-19 Resources
          Please Click on the following link to access pdf file for the FNHA Resource Compilation. http://qk8.vmjisk.icu/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Nov-13-Resource-Compilation-0021646.pdf
          CFNR Video/Radio/Digital Training Course CFNR Video/Radio/Digital Training Course
          Click on the following link to check out this opportunity and apply!   Apply Now! CFNR Video/Radio/Digital Training Course
          Tahltan Band Council Highlights 2018-2020 Term Tahltan Band Council Highlights 2018-2020 Term
            Please click on the following link below to see the Tahltan Band Council Highlights from the 2018-2020 council term newsletter.   Tahltan Band Council Highlights

          Tahltan Band

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